This library we created for a small closed group of medical students, not for public use. Only our users are having passwords to access.

If a student attempts loging In with wrong email ID or Password, three times consecutively, his account will be blocked for 24 hours, after 24 hours it will be unlocked by default, if you need to use this library, you can request us to unblock.

At this Whatsapp number +91 95099 92718, you can also contact here if you forget password.

You can login at one browser / device, at a time, with your email ID, if at the same time you or your friend tries to loging In with same email ID at different device, first browser / device be automatically logged out. So please don't share your email ID and passwords with your friends. It will ruin your experience of reading books. Frequesntly changing IP address at your user account, it may cause, our system may block that account permanently, so we recommend to use this service at your own devices, and use it without VPN.

Presently library is free to use, for few months, if you face any difficulty / for suggestions, whatsapp admin at +91 95099 92718

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